Professional music and audio production, personalized in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Professional music and audio production, personalized in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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From first demos to fourth albums—rock bands to choirs, and even voice over—I can arrange a recording situation suited to virtually any project. Jay Song is a purpose-built home studio, and for projects that need a larger space I have access to several pro studios in the area. My top-of-the-line equipment can also go mobile, so I can even come to you. Let me take on the technical stuff so you can concentrate on creating!


Mixing and Mastering

Jay Song Studio has been carefully tuned for great acoustics so I can clearly hear what’s right, and what’s wrong, allowing me to make great mixes. My efficient workstation combines the latest powerful software and analog audio hardware for the best of both worlds. Do you have a recording that needs to be mixed and/or mastered? I can also mix stereo sound other projects like video and feature films, audiobooks, or podcasts.


Audio Editing

Editing performances to tighten timing and pitch is a time-consuming process that requires a lot of skill and a good ear, but it is essential in order for a modern recording to be competitive. I have more than a decade of experience editing drums, vocals and other instruments, in addition to cleaning up noisy audio tracks and dialog.

My Portfolio

Music recording, mixing, and mastering.


Sound Design, Audiobook, etc.


Hi! I'm Justin,

an audio engineer in Cincinnati, Ohio.


Amazing results come when we refuse to settle for “good enough”.
We have to do everything it takes to make it great, at every step along the way.


I started playing with audio recording almost by accident when I was 14, making demos of bands through a PA mixer straight to cassette tape. As time passed and I collected better gear and gained experience, I started to get paid for recording and live sound gigs. It became a clear career path. I graduated from the Art Institute of New England in 2003, one of the best audio production schools in the United States, then spent a couple of years assisting at New Alliance Audio before moving away from Boston and going out on my own. I built my studio to provide top quality audio production, personalized for every client’s goals.


Clients from around the world have been trusting me with their sound for more than a decade. I know it means a lot when you put your project—your art—in my hands.

Justin is not only a sound engineer; he’s also an artist. He has the ear to bring out the best of a song and make the performance shine through.
— Alfonso

• Resonate Pictures (video) • Bottom Dollars (Rooted in Rights Films) • The Mitchels • New Moons • Ruthless • R3D • Riesenwolf • Rock Bottom Resolve • Lennon Cano • Housewives • Matt Bates • Underground Aces • Finished Falling • Avengeance • Angel's Method • Holly DeFazio • Darkness and Light (film) • The Diamond Underground • The Folks Around Town • Two Cheers • Sarah Mac Band • Wild Turkey Distillery (video) • Northside Garage • Cincinnati Heart Ball (video) • The Almighty Get Down • Procter & Gamble (video) • Alfonso • Global Asylum • Coda • The Caught Flies • Mark of the Dog Rose (AstroPiano Films) • Rebecca Ruben • Small Brain Curds • Mark and Randy • Forging Reverie • Ricky Reilly • Sunblocked (AstroPiano Films) • Bellasonic • Gentlemen and Scholars (Torque Records) • Cavender • The Speed of Film • and many more...

Justin Newton’s production is absolutely stellar. He perfectly captures that quiet/LOUD dynamic…This thing sounds like it was recorded at NASA…
— Ben King, music critic

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Project Needs (Check All That Apply)
Justin made us feel comfortable and relaxed. We did not have to worry about…how things needed to be set up, so we could focus on performing…I could not recommend him highly enough.
— Jason, The Caught Flies


Jay Song Studio

Located on the north side of Cincinnati, my home base is perfect for when a larger space isn't needed. Less costly than larger studios but with no compromise in acoustics and equipment quality, it features a comfortable, home atmosphere that fosters creativity, and even comes with a friendly dog!


Associated Studios and Remote Recording

For recording sessions that need a bigger space, I designed my equipment so I can take it to wherever you are!
I’ve recorded choirs in beautiful churches and tracked drums right in a band’s practice space.
I also have relationships with great Cincinnati studios.
Contact me today to inquire about a tour and book your session at my special rates!


Monastery Studio


A repurposed church in Walnut Hills, a neighborhood in Cincinnati, which is now a studio featuring a large, viby room with an impressive collection of recording gear and guitar amps.



Refraze Recording Studios

A beautiful multi-room studio in Dayton, worthy of orchestras and solo artists alike.

I tried several other mixing engineers—some of which were much more expensive—and none of them could touch Justin’s mixes…his attitude, musical intuition, and communication style surpassed those of the others as well.
— Bryan A.