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Forging Reverie Vocal Shootout!

i’ve uploaded samples of 10 different vocal microphone setups, we want you to listen to them and vote for the one you think sounds the best!

here they are, get to it!

Forging Reverie vox test . zip

just download the zip and play the high res files.  swap back and fourth until you find the one you think sounds the best and post your pick in the comments.  thanks! may i help you?

Audio mixer faders at the Bull & Gate pub in K... Image via Wikipedia

not sure what will happen with this but i've set up a formspring account. is there something you want a producer or engineer's opinion on? anything about sound and music you want an honest answer to?

hopefully this will generate some good content. (instead of turning into spam city on parade day) here goes!

news of a spontaneous project is in the works but for now it's still a secret so....  bye!