thanks, everyone

on this, the 4th day of may, my phone has been exploding with all your birthday wishes.  it’s not a bad feeling.

i’ve been pouring almost every second into finishing up the Forging Reverie album so i didn’t have time for a big celebration.  still i used the occasion to get some cool new stuff!

first of all i graduated to some big kid monitors, A5x’s from Adam Audio in Germany.  i knew i wanted to get myself new nearfields for my birthday this year so the whole of april was spent researching.  i settled on the Adam’s, at the high end of my price range they’re so very worth it.  they’re extremely true and flat, the folded ribbon tweeters are like… cleaning a really dirty car windshield.  i just want to be listening to them all the time.  anyway, here’s a pic of the desk…

 Railroad Avenue Deskon top of that, some friends and family were kind enough to hook me up with the remaining parts to build the guitar i’ve always wanted!  no more modified korean telecaster for me.  here now, is “Operation: build my dream guitar”

the lake placid blue telecaster body with vintage white binding:

lake placid blue telecaster bodywired up the electronics, Fender Hot rail single coil at the neck and my personal favorite DiMarzio Fast Track T at the bridge, coil tapped, and my foil tape shielding job so no aliens can contact me while i’m rocking.

wiring add the 2008 American Standard Telecaster neck, vintage white pick guard Sarah got for me and the Modern Tele Bridge from Gotoh… here all measured, placed and ready to drill.

ready to drilland here it is all finished and strung up.  beautiful.

new weapon i feel like Luke fucking Skywalker.  “So, you have constructed a new lightsaber.  Now your training is complete”

so even though i was to busy to have a party, and it seems i’m not going to make it out to any Cinco De Mayo party (as is my usual custom) due to our recording schedule, it’s been an awesome week.

thanks again for all the messages!  i’ll see you when i see you.