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Maybe you should care about what Patrick Leonard has to say.


There are lots of great podcasts on the topic of audio and recording. While the likes of “The Home Recording show” seem a better fit for we non-superstars, I still like what the A-list folks at “Audio Nowcast” put together. If you think you can’t benefit from the perspective of the super pros, well, you’re probably right. Go home and leave the audio to the rest of us.

On this latest episode of the show Patrick Leonard joins the discussion and, in the context of some seemingly depressing news about music industry numbers, has some great things to say. This is a topic i’ve heard and read a lot about recently and, for me, Patrick’s thoughts changed the tone completely.

Go listen to this show. Even if you’ve never been more than a consumer of music this applies to you.
(if you don’t like long format podcasts just listen through the first of the three segments. It won’t hurt that bad, I swear)

click to listen to Audio Nowcast episode 99!